Dear Voetsac Members

The Scout Movement in PE is planning to get St Johns to run a Level 1 first aid course and are inviting any Voetsac members who would be interested to join in.  They have negotiated a special price which St Johns will allow the Voetsac members to take advantage of as well.

The course is required to take 18 hours for recognition and receipt of a certificate if the candidate passes.  The Scout movement has 2 proposed dates and will look at the date that has the biggest demand.  They are weekend courses and the dates being looked at are Sat 7/Sun 8 October or Sat 14/Sun 15 October 2017.

Anticipated cost for Adults is R 675.00 each and scouts/scholars/university students is R 550.00 each

Please advise me as soon as possible (by end of Sept at latest) if you are interested and which dates would suit with preference if both are suitable.

Kind regard

Jeff Ferreira

083 780 6162




September are tourist month and our club would like to invite tourists to join us for a few hikes.

1.  2 September 2017 – Kini Bay to Lauries Bay (Easy day hike)
2.  9 September 2017 – Lower Guinea Fowl Trail – 3rd Avenue (Easy day hike)
3.  30 September 2017 – Maitland Mine (Moderate day hike)

Please contact Ashraf Adam 0845159800 for more information.