LEADERSHIP 2 Members Overview

“Hallo, welcome to (places name).

My name is (your name) and I will be your leader for this hike.

Does everybody feel well today?

Do you have your medical cards and ID cards with you?

Are there any new hikers today?

No one should overtake me without my permission & no one must walk behind tailor and Charlie (name). If you go in the bush to do your thing you must leave your back pack in the path.

We will re-group at all cross paths.

Does everybody have (litre for hike) drinking fluid.

Does everybody have suitable footwear, clothing and hiking gear.

We will have tea at (time) and lunch at (time). We should finish at (time)


The leader is at all times responsible for the safety of each party member.


The leader is responsible for the behaviour of this party – he sets the standards of the party by example – and enforces these standards. He will be responsible for ensuring that his party follows the country code :

–           No litter

–           No trespassing

–           No fires (unless permitted)

–           Hygiene


Before starting to hike

  • State the days objective
  • Appoint a tail-ender/sweep and state his purpose
  • Watch weather signs
  • State policy on route finding

On the hike itself

  • Start slowly and build up speed
  • Watch individuals for signs of fatigue
  • Watch for signs of errant behaviour eg discarding litter, damaging fences, etc
  • Check with tailender periodically
  • Watch weather signs
  • Check members periodically asking about comfort, etc
  • Check time schedule regularly. Cut and trim as necessary to keep to time